Actress Tazeen Hussain Talks About Her Parents

Actress Tazeen Hussain Talks About Her Parents

Talat Hussain is a renowned Pakistani actor, journalist, and television personality known for his versatile acting skills and insightful commentary on various social and political issues. He has been a prominent figure in the Pakistani entertainment industry for many years and has garnered a large fan following for his work in both acting and journalism. Talat Hussain is respected for his professionalism and dedication to his craft.

Tazeen Hussain, the daughter of the legendary Talat Hussain, initially pursued acting but later took a break to focus on her teaching career and raising her children. She has recently made a successful comeback with projects such as “Jurm,” “Yunhi,” “Let’s Try Mohabbat,” and the film “Dagahabaaz Dil.” Tazeen recently revealed that her father is currently battling dementia and requested prayers. Fans of Talat Sahab sent their prayers and well wishes, and thankfully, he is now feeling better by the grace of Allah SWT.

Reflecting on the evolution of attitudes towards medical conditions, Tazeen mentioned that during her childhood, she observed older family members experiencing dementia without a formal diagnosis. Back then, people were unaware of the condition’s name, yet they treated their loved ones with understanding and adaptation. In contrast, contemporary society tends to adopt a more clinical approach upon diagnosis. Tazeen emphasized the importance of reintegrating cultural behaviors from the past that were compassionate and accommodating towards individuals facing such conditions.

She also shared the challenges her mother faces as the primary caregiver for her father following his diagnosis. While the entire family contributes to the care, her mother, who was previously a full-time professor and a fiercely independent woman, now shoulders the responsibility. Tazeen revealed that her father’s doctor recommended caring for her mother as well and checking in on her emotional well-being. Consequently, she now expresses concern for her mother’s welfare alongside her father’s.








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