Anchor Aroosa Khan Confess Her Marriage Rumor With Iqrarulhassan Are True

Anchor Aroosa Khan Confess Her Marriage Rumor With Iqrarulhassan Are True

News caster Iqrar ul Hassan gained notoriety for his programme Sar e Aam and hasn’t looked back since. But the anchor’s personal life also keeps him in the headlines a lot. People were aware of his wife Qurutulain Iqrar, who had previously worked as a news reader, but they were taken aback when word leaked out about Iqrar’s confirmed second marriage to Farah Yousuf. Iqrar said that nobody in his immediate circle was unaware of his second marriage and that he was not concealing it. Five years later, details of his second marriage surfaced. There have been reports about his marriage to anchor Aroosa Khan going around lately. Aroosa frequently appears with the families of Qurutulain and Iqrar.

These days, Aroosa is very busy promoting Qurutulain’s brand, and we frequently see the two together on Aroosa’s Instagram:

Recently, Aroosa Khan (third wife of Iqrar Ul Hassan) shared a vlog with Qurat Ul Ain Iqrar on her Facebook channel. She posted the vlog from the launch of Qurat ul Ain Iqrar’s clothing brand Ain Nagar’s recent collection. She also bought a few pretty dresses. The designer herself revealed details about her amazing brand. She was happy with the response she was getting on her brand.

Aroosa Khan responded to several inquiries from fans on Instagram. She continued by confirming the rumours that all of the people were curious about.

Here, Aroosa Khan declares her love for Iqrar ul Hassan and his son Pehlaaj Hassan and affirms that she is now married: