Bushra Ansari shares the connection she has with her husband’s children from his previous marriage

Bushra Ansari shares the connection she has with her husband’s children from his previous marriage

Bushra Ansari is a highly acclaimed and versatile Pakistani actress, comedian, singer, and playwright. She is known for her exceptional talent and contributions to the Pakistani entertainment industry. Bushra Ansari has appeared in numerous television dramas, comedy shows, and films, showcasing her versatility as an actress and entertainer. In addition to her acting career, Bushra Ansari is a talented singer and has released several successful albums. She is also a respected playwright and has written scripts for television dramas and stage plays. Bushra Ansari is considered a veteran and iconic figure in the Pakistani entertainment industry, admired for her talent, professionalism, and contributions to the world of acting and entertainment.


In a recent Vlog, Bushra Ansari revealed her marriage to Iqbal Hussain. The industry veteran disclosed that they have been married for a few years, but she had chosen to keep it private to avoid societal scrutiny. However, she felt it was time to introduce her husband to her fans.

In her recent Vlog, Bushra Ansari expressed that marrying someone with an age difference is acceptable. She mentioned that her husband’s maturity has been beneficial in their relationship. Bushra also emphasized that a marriage does not end due to happy circumstances and shared that both she and Iqbal have faced challenges in their previous relationships, but they choose not to discuss their ex-marriages with each other.


She also discussed her relationship with her husband’s children, mentioning that he has two grown sons who are currently studying in Canada. Bushra shared that her own daughter resides in the same neighborhood, and they share a close bond. She revealed that her grandson is around the same age as her husband’s children, which has facilitated the development of a strong connection between them.

She also addressed the reasons behind divorces, noting that sometimes individuals are simply not compatible with each other. Bushra mentioned that it is not about being bad people, but rather about relationships not working out. She acknowledged that divorces are always difficult because nobody wants to disrupt their home.