Chaal A Magnificent Show Depicts The Match Between Power And Politics

Chaal A Magnificent Show Depicts The Match Between Power And Politics


“Chaal” Unleashes a Political Chessboard on MUN TV Pakistan!

Get ready for a gripping ride into the heart of political intrigue as MUN TV Pakistan proudly presents its groundbreaking drama series, “Chaal.” With a stellar cast, including acting legend Javaid Shaikh, Zaib Khan, Sharafat Ali Shah, and the renowned TV and internet personality, Mathira Muhammad, “Chaal” promises an unparalleled viewing experience. The show also marks the acting debuts of Yawar Inam and Arshea Akber, adding fresh energy to the Pakistani television landscape.

Legendary Icons and Emerging Talents: “Chaal” Redefines Pakistani Drama

“Chaal” is a fusion of seasoned brilliance and emerging talent. Javaid Shaikh, a maestro in the art of acting, leads the cast alongside the promising newcomers Yawar Inam and Arshea Akber. Zaib Khan, Sharafat Ali Shah, and Mathira Muhammad complete this powerhouse ensemble, bringing forth a narrative that has never graced Pakistani screens before.

Political Machinations and Unseen Twists

Dive into the complex world of “Chaal,” where the rivalry between two seasoned politicians within the same party takes center stage. Javaid Shaikh portrays Junaid Ahmed Khan, a temperate and smooth political operator, pitted against Sharafat Ali Shah’s portrayal of the sly and devious Jamal Khan. Brace yourself for an exhilarating journey filled with unprecedented twists, loyalty tests, and betrayals that will keep you hooked.

A Father’s Dilemma: Javaid Shaikh as Junaid Ahmed Khan

Javaid Shaikh brings depth to his role as Junaid Ahmed Khan, a political operator torn between strategy and paternal instincts. Junaid grapples with the belief that his son, Khadim Khan, portrayed by Zaib Khan, is a liability in the ruthless world of politics. The tension between father and son forms a crucial element of the narrative, adding layers of emotion to the drama.

Azmat Begum’s Seductive Schemes: Mathira Adds a Fiery Twist

Enter the enigmatic Azmat Begum, played by Mathira Muhammad, a seductive and notorious character employed by Jamal Khan to undermine his opponent. Mathira’s portrayal adds a fiery twist to the storyline, creating a complex web of political intrigue.

Mark Your Calendar: “Chaal” Airs Every Tuesday and Wednesday at 9 PM!

Don’t miss the thrilling saga of “Chaal” every Tuesday and Wednesday at 9 PM, only on MUN TV Pakistan. The drama promises to redefine Pakistani television with its unique plot, exceptional cast, and a perfect blend of seasoned performers and rising stars. Tune in and experience the unseen, the unexpected, and the extraordinary with “Chaal” – where politics meets passion, and every move is a strategic play!

Review Of First and 2nd Episodes

The story revolves around 2 strong political family rivalries. Junaid Khan has a son who is aspiring politician, who assist his father to run party matters.Junaid Khan’s wife unhappy with their daughter in law Faiza for not giving them an offspring.

She emphasize Junaid Khan to look up family matters as well but Junaid Khan is more into politics and show his interest in Azmat Beghum a mysterious personality who want to join his political party.

On other hand Azmat Beghum has terms with Junaid Khan rival Jamal Khan. It seems like Azmat Beghum is suppose to be a pawn of Jamal Khan.

During Azmat’s meeting with Jamal , she reveal that Junaid Khan is big fond of beautiful women and he cant control  if she offer him to marry her so he might call Nikkah Khuwah for marriage.


At the moment Elections are coming and Jamal Khan is set to take over the district as he want huge crowd during their party Jalsa. Jamal Khan ask Azmat Beghum not to reveal that she belongs to Jamal Khan. Jamal Khan’s wife also showing her interest in politics as she want to become member of parliament so she ask her daughter Tania to convey the message to her father Jamal Khan ,so she can also compete in upcoming elections but main problem is Junaid Khan who is more close to party chairman.

Chaal is a creation of a life time from director Inam Shah and Mun Tv production team, it will remain as a highlight in all the artists’s careers including Javed Sheikh, Mathira Mohammad, Zaib Khan, Yawar Inaam, Arshia Khan. I watched the first 2 episodes and before i could realize it started it finished. When someone says slow narration, they are just ignorant of what drama making is all about.

Javaid Sheikh is excellent. The guy Zaib Khan who is playing his son , He is the one actor out of the young genre who will stand tall for a long time. The story of the drama is first rate, it plays a very important role in keeping us glued to what happens on screen .Mathira is looking exceptional in the show. She is creating impact with her presence as her character not reveal properly is will remain mysterious for long time. At the moment fans are in love with the show and waiting for next episodes.