Check How Many News Anchors/Hosts/Guests From Ary Digital Media Are Married More Than Once And Twice

Check How Many News Anchors/Hosts/Guests From Ary Digital Media Are Married More Than Once And Twice

If a guy can treat all of his women fairly, he is allowed to have four wives at once in Islam. Thus, in terms of religion, it is acceptable for a man to marry more than once. However, in recent years, the practice of being married more than once has become a little too fashionable, and in many of these cases, it is unclear why the marriage occurred. Particularly those employed by the ARY network have been observed getting married more than time. While we certainly wish them the best of luck in life, this is somewhat of an odd coincidence.

Fakhre Alam
Fakhre Alam who use be permanent host of Ary Digital Media’s another channel call A Sports , also married more than once in life.
Umar Shareef
Umar Shareef remain part Waseem Badami show Har Lumha Purjosh and he was married for more than once. First married to Deeba and his second wife was actress Zareen.

Mohib Mirza
Mohib Mirza is hosting a talk show on Ary Digital where he invite guests for interview. Mohib Mirza was first married to actress Amna Sheikh then he got married to ace actress Sanam Saeed. Mohib is also part of Ary since so long as he worked in many dramas of Ary.

Asfaque Ishaq Satti: An ARY News news anchor, Asfaque Ishaq Satti is the host of Bakhabar Savera. He is currently embroiled in a domestic abuse scandal. After his first divorce, Nomaika, his second wife, filed a formal complaint against him. It is also said that he is married three times lately.
Shoaib Malik: The cricket player has spent years in the public eye. His announcement of his marriage to Sana Javed, after his 14-year marriage to Indian tennis player Sania Mirza, startled the whole world. In addition to routinely participating in Jeeto Pakistan League on ARY, Shoaib Malik is an analyst on ARY Sports’ The Pavillion.

Iqrar Ul Hassan: Iqrar ul Hassan has been a part of ARY from its inception and rose to fame with his show Sar e Aam. In addition, he has been married three times; Qurutulain Iqrar, Farah Yousaf, and Aroosa Khan have all led relatively drama-free lives.

Salman Iqbal: ARY’s CEO and the guy responsible for numerous innovative developments in Pakistani media is Salman Iqbal. He has made significant contributions to Pakistani dramas, the cinema business, and the news media. In addition, he is the president of the World Memon Foundation and the owner of other companies. Salman Iqbal has also had two marriages. Sabeen Salman was his first wife, and the two of them had children together. Actress Sonya Khan, who was his second wife, is also a mother of two daughters. There has never been any turmoil in public, and both of his families lead happy lives.