Check Out How Many Celebrities Belongs To Ambani’s Of Pakistan ”The Saigols”

Check Out How Many Celebrities Belongs To Ambani’s Of Pakistan ”The Saigols”

The Saigol Group, also known as Kohinoor Group, is a Pakistani conglomerate company which is based in Lahore, Pakistan. The company was founded by Amin Saigol in the 1930s with a small shop that eventually developed into the Kohinoor Rubber Works. The Saigol family were originally farmers from a small town called Khotian, Chakwal District, Punjab, Pakistan. Khotian town was later named Saigolabad after this family. Sayeed Saigol moved to Calcutta in the 1930s and opened a shoe store. He opened a rubber shoe factory, and was a supplier of rubber shoes and raincoats to the Allied Forces during World War II. Saigol, anticipating the division and independence of British India, moved his assets to Lahore in the early 1940s. After the independence of Pakistan in 1947, with the help of his younger brothers Yousuf and Bashir, he set up their first textile spinning mill in Lyallpur (now called Faisalabad) in 1949. Later the family expanded its textile business to Rawalpindi and Gujjar Khan, and bought a sugar mill in Jauharabad from the Pakistan Industrial Development Corporation. In 1958–59, the Saigols founded the United Bank Limited.

Chandni Saigol Khan Wife Of Ally Khan

Ally Khan worked in both india and Pakistan. He is married to Chandni Saigol, according to news Ally is cousin of Chandni and during his visit to Pakistan he fell in love with Chandni and decided to settle here in Pakistan. Ally’s wife Chandni and actress Juggan Kazim are also cousins. Ally and Chandni are parents of 2 cute kids.

Juggan kazim
Juggan Kazim belongs to family of Saigols from her mother side. Her mother Ghazala Saigol is daughter of Pakistan’s richest family and they are called TATA BIRLA or AMBANI’s of Pakistan. As they are unbelievable rich and Influential.

Natasha Hussain
In an old interview actress and model Natasha Hussain reveal she comes from prestigious Saigol family. Natasha is super talented actress. She is now playing different roles in dramas and her daughter Tania also appearing in dramas.

Mehmood Aslam First Wife
According to reports Mehmood Aslam was first married to girl from Saigols. Mehmood has daughter from first marriage , her name is Nida Usman Chaudhary and she advocate. His son name is Jibran Mehmood but we dont have much more info about his son.