Check Out How Many Relatives Of Famous Actor Ally Khan Have Worked In Showbiz

Check Out How Many Relatives Of Famous Actor Ally Khan Have Worked In Showbiz

Ally Khan born in Karachi but his family shifted to Mumbai and his mother still lives in India. His wife is Chandni Saigol . According to Ally Khan in 2004 when he visit Karachi Pakistan with Jagjeet Singh , he met Chandni Saigol at Mohatta Palace Karachi and they started liking each other soon they got married. In first period of married life Aly and Chandni settled in London but Aly decide to go back to Pakistan because he wants his children to become more familiar culture of subcontinent. Ally Khan’s wife Chandi comes from Saigol family , Country’s wealthiest family. Chaindi is first cousin of actress Juggan Kazim as well. Ally Khan also reveal in his interview that Chandi is his cousin also. Ally reveal in his interview that his parents have parted their ways when he was so young so his mother is most important person in his life. Ally was born in the year 1968 on 6th December Age: 48. He was born in Karachi, Pakistan and later moved to Mumbai. India and then to London. There he acquired a diploma in film and television production from the Pimlico Arts and Media College. This man has engraved his name in the stones of all leading film industries of the world. Starting from 1995 in Indian drama serials, Alyy paved his path within Pakistan and on to Hollywood. He has worked in Kabhi Kabhi Rehbar, Do Qadam Door Thay, Aap ki Kaneez, Indian Summers, Partners in Crime, Mohabbat Aag Si, Maryam, Pakeeza and Deewanato name a few. He is also known for his roles in A Mighty Heart, Don 2 and Traitor Alyy is married to Chandni Saigol and the couple has two children; Inaya Khan and Rayaan Khan. Alyy is cousins with the late singer Junaid Jamshed. Alyy Khan father Sahabzada Munir was first cousin of Junaid Jamshed’s father.

Ally Khan and Chandni Saigol
How ever Chandni is not belong to showbiz but we still want to tell you that his wife is his cousin too.

Ally Khan And Sherry Jahangir

Sherry Jahangir who played Muhammad Ali Jinnah in Jinnah Se Qiuad Tek is cousin of brother Ally Khan.

Ally Khan And Juggan Kazim

Ally Khan wife Chandni Saigol and Juggan Kazim are cousins thats how Ally and Juggan related.

Ally Khan And Junaid Jamshaid
Ally Khan is cousin brother Junaid Jamshaid , we dont have any pic of JJ with Ally so we uploaded with JJ’s sons