Does Farah Iqrar have any kind of jealousy towards Iqrar’s other spouses?

Farah Iqrar is a well-known Pakistani host and news anchor, recognized for her association with her husband, the famous television celebrity Iqrar Ul Hassan. Apart from her television career, Farah Iqrar has established herself as a successful YouTuber, creating daily routine vlogs and conducting interviews on her channel. She actively participates in interviews with local YouTube channels, engaging with her audience and sharing her insights. Recently, Farah Iqrar has been in the spotlight due to her husband’s third marriage with Aroosa Khan.

Most recently, Farah Iqrar appeared on GNN News’ special podcast where she discussed her relationship with her husband’s other wives. She mentioned that she had a good bond with Ainnie in the past, although they do not meet anymore. Farah also shared her feelings about Qurat Ul Ain and Aroosa during the podcast.

In response to the question about feeling jealous of Iqrar Ul Hassan’s other wives, Farah Iqrar shared, “I am a very different person. I don’t think like normal human beings. I always thought differently; even in my childhood, I never relied on parents for my needs. I always thought of becoming an independent woman, which I am now, because I believe that only you can fulfill your dreams in a better way. Similarly, I never relied on my husband for my needs, and I haven’t associated my needs with him. I feel good if he fulfills my needs, but I don’t have any insecurities or feelings of jealousy. I am a very private, secure, and focused person, which is why I always remain at peace.”