Emerging Actress Mahenur Haider Share About Her Divorce

Emerging Actress Mahenoor Haider Share About Her Divorce

The audience in the drama Khaie is very appreciative of and in love with all of the performers and actresses. Millions have been captivated by the drama’s action and suspense. Everyone eagerly awaits the next song, “The Love Between Apanna and Barlas Khan.” In a household full of conceited people, Mahenur Haider’s character Apanna is endearing and uplifting. During her guest appearance, Mahenur Haider discussed her actual divorce as well as her recommendations for other couples facing marital challenges.

Mahenur disclosed that she wed at the age of twenty-two. She was rather young. Her parents, especially her father, were quite supportive of her after the couple separated four years ago. Mahenur stated that having a family that is encouraging and having a career to fall back on are two of a girl’s greatest blessings.

She also mentioned how frequently people ask her if they should end a toxic marriage, but she never gives them that advice because every person’s situation is unique. She continued by saying that she never criticises her ex because sometimes wonderful people can’t get along.