Emerging Comedian Asad Kaifi Is Cousin Brother Of Agha Ali

Asad Kaifee who rose to fame after appearing in comedy program Khabardar. Asad become house hold name after giving career best performance on Khabardar. Asad is cousin brother of actor Agha Ali and Ali Abbas. Asad Kaifee is distant cousin brother of Agha Ali but they all comes from same clan.

1Ramsha Khan Cousin

2Agha Ali Cousin

3Ali Sikandar Cousin

4Agha Sikandar Late Khalu , Uncle

5Ali Azmat Relative

6Aamir Kaifee Cousin

7Hina Altaf Sister In Law

8Mustafa Zahid Singer Cousin

9Asad Kaifee Cousin

10Inayat Hussain Bhatti Maternal Grandfather

11Kaifee Maternal Granduncle

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Amir Kaifee Son Of Kaifee Saab & Ghazala Begum, Amir has acted in films during90’s era.



Asad Kaifee famous for Khabardar is cousin of Agha Ali And Ali Abbas.

Asad’s brother is also associated with media industry.His name is Hassan Kaifee. He also cousin of Ali Abbas.

As we all know Agha and Ali Abbas are cousins so actress Hina Altaf is sister in law of Ali Abbas.

Ali Abbas And Mustafa Zahid are cousins. Mustafa was born into a Muslim family in Lahore, Punjab, Pakistan. He is the cousin of Ali Azmat, who was the lead vocalist of the famous rock band Junoon, and is also related to the late Sufi kalam singer, actor, director and producer Inayat Hussain Bhatti.

Ramsha Khan and Ali Abbas are cousins.Ramsha Khan who is now shining star on sky of lime light is first cousin of actor Ali Abbas. Ali is son of Ramsha Khan mother’s sister. Ramsha Khan and Ali Abbas’s mothers are sisters. In a recent interview, Ali Abbas revealed that Ramsha Khan is his first cousin.

Ali Sikandar is actor and he is also cousin brother of Ali Abbas

Legendary actor Waseem Abbas is father of Ali Abbas


These are few pictures of cousins