Facts About Personal And Professional Life Of Ali Saleem

Facts About Personal And Professional Life Of Ali Saleem

Ali Saleem was introduced by tv drama and films director Nadeem Baig. Ali use to mimic Benazir Bhutto in Hum sab umeed se hai on Geo tv. Once Ali reveal that when he was a child , at a family function late Nazia Hassan introduce him to Be Nazir Bhutto and said that he use copy you very well so Ali perform as BB in front of BB. Even BB praise Ali for his talent.

Omar Adil, an orthopaedic surgeon by profession, doctor to Madam Noor Jehan, was a close friend of his. With an extensive research into Pakistani cinema under his belt and ties to multiple television channels, the doctor suggested Ali with the idea of having a dragged-up character as a host for a talk show.[2] Thus, Begum Nawazish was born.

Ali Saleem reveal in his interview that at age of 17 his parents got separated and Ali got this to heart even once he tried to take his life. Ali was eldest son so he cant bear it but soon he over come his depression.

Ali’s mother said that ” jab yeh chota tha to to is ne mujh se buhet khoobsurat sawal kia tha , Is ne mujh se poocha tha mummy ager apko zindagi ko aik lafz me define ker na ho to aap kia kahe gi to mene kaha ke yeh hee sawal mai tum se ker ti hu to pehle tum jawab do to is ne jawab dia ”Seekhna” phir mene isko mera jawab dia ” Sikhana ” lakin abhi yeh apne jawab per hai jab yeh mere jawab per aa jae ga to zindagi ke saare masle hul ho jae ge magar abhi yeh ap ne jawab per hai”. Her mother always advice him to become sensible now.

In this article i dont want to cover negative side of his personality as i believe we all are human being and we all can commit mistakes in our lives so we should not criticize others.

Ali’s mother Farzana Saleem with her boys Haider Saleem and Omar Saleem

Actor Ali Saleem’s younger brother Haidar Saleem on his engagement day