Famous Celebrities Who Battled Brain Related Illnesses


Famous Celebrities Who Battled Brain Tumor

literally , i was crying while writing this article as i got to know about seriousness of this illness.

Nadia Jamil

Nadia Jamil is an inspirational personality. She is fighting brain tumor since 2012. As you might know, Brain Tumor is termed as ‘death on diagnosis’ – it means when diagnosis is confirmed, the countdown also starts. Fortunately, Nadia had low grade tumor – Grade II Glioma. The prognosis is good and recurrence should happen only after 8 – 10 years. May Allah give her long life .




Farhad Humayun



Leading vocalist and drummer Farhad Humayun of band ‘Overload’ revealed on Friday that he has been diagnosed with brain tumour two weeks ago.

Sharing about the ordeals of the disease, the singer in a recent Instagram note opened about how he suffered from a seizure as well.

“I thank you for your prayers and messages of love. I have had little or no symptoms until very recently – I am told by my doctor, my active and healthy lifestyle and general attitude of positivity have enabled me to stay strong underneath and I am recovering quickly,” Farhad wrote.

He added, “I am truly blessed to have you all in my life, whether close or remote. Please remember that when you complain, things could be a lot worse. Please treasure your relationships and savour every moment because life can be taken away from you quicker than you can imagine.”

The famed singer also promised to resume creating music as soon as he regains health.

“I will be back with more music, videos and art as soon as I get my strength and stamina back and exit these dark skies. I won’t slow down or give up or feel sorry for myself. God has been very kind to me. I have had everything that I ever desired. I’ve been fortunate to work and play with the greatest musicians and artists, in the history of the world. And I did it my way.”

“My family has been my biggest strength and friends have helped me overcome obstacles and hurdles. I have had a beautiful and fulfilling life and am very lucky to be alive.”

The singer concluded: “Life comes with its setbacks and challenges and we steer as best as we can. I plan to make a full recovery with all the strength I can rein in from the universe and beyond! I am honoured to contribute to the soundtrack of your lives. Thank you for giving me the chance. Don’t let anyone or anything ever bring you down.”



Hrithik Roshan: Brain Clot

The Krrish star acted like a real superhero in 2013 after being treated for a brain clot on July 7th. A month later at the launch of Krrish 3, Hrithik said, “I am absolutely fantastic. Even with the hole in my brain, my spirit is intact.” That statement is enough to prove his mettle.


Irrfan Khan

Bollywood actor Irrfan Khan has revealed that he is suffering from neuroendocrine tumour via a tweet. Actor has a brain tumor called Gliboblastma Multiforme (GBM) Grade IV, which in other words, is called death on diagnosis. Now Irrfan is feeling well thats why he is again active in bollywood and his fans are waiting for his next venture.