Faryal Gohar First Share Unfortunate Incident Happened With Her As Child

Faryal Gohar First Share Unfortunate Incident Happened With Her As Child

Several well-known figures and names have been associated with Pakistani art. Even though she didn’t spend much time on screen, Feryal Ali Gauhar is one such name that has stuck in memory. She has a great degree and has experience serving at the UN. Feryal Gauhar has extensive experience in the field of child protection, and she advises the government on this matter.

When she appeared as a guest on Masarrat Misbah’s show, she told the world about her own experience and how she handled the notorious Zainab Ansari issue firsthand. She revealed that she, too, had experienced child molestation, and that in many cases, not even family members are willing to admit the incident.

She started crying as she discussed tiny Zainab’s situation. She told the story of how she got to know the family and how things developed at the time. Faryal also described how steadfast Zainab’s father’s belief was in his quest for justice on behalf of his young daughter.

Here is how she became a part of the team who became the first hand witness of the Zainab Ansari case:

Feryal told her own account of how she became a victim when she was four years old. She was being pursued by a steward when they were on a cruise. When Feryal ran into that torturer, she was on her way to acquire some vanilla ice cream, and she was too scared to even inform her mother that anything terrible had happened. She continued by saying that she has not been able to have vanilla ice cream for 60 years since it brings back memories of that day.

This is the tragic story she narrated: