Here are some lesser-known facts about the Promising Face Tazeen Hussain

Tazeen Hussain is daughter of legendary Pakistani actor Tallat Hussain. Tazeen has recently made her acting debut with Drama serial Yunhi written by famous writer Sarwat Nazeer. Tazeen is playing important role in Yunhi. People like her first appearance as actress in drama serial Yunhi. According to sources Tazeen use to appear in old PTV dramas. This is actually her come back on television. If you remember her from past dramas. Tazeen Hussain’s sister Roohaina was also an actress, Her sister Roohaina Hussain has acted in few dramas as well. Another amazing fact is that Actor Zahid Hussain is uncle Chacha of Tazeen as actor and host Zahid Hussain is cousin brother of Talat Hussain Sahab. These days you are watching Tazeen in drama serial Yunhi and Ab Meri Baari a series based on issues faced by working women in world of men on Aan Tv. This kind of come back for Tazeen as after getting married she went to USA. People love Tazeen as she has very admiring personality. The way she talk it impresses audiences. Her manners show she comes from an educated family. Tazeen mother Rukhshanda Talat is chairperson of Psychology department in an educational institute. Tazeen has acted in dramas of ptv during 90s , her serial called Peela Jora with actor Faisal Rehman praised by audiences. She did music videos as model. She use to host music show with Fakhre Alam in past. She performed theater as well. Tazeen has never worked in any drama with her father but she has worked as child artist in old ptv drama.In recent time Tazeen aslo appeared as mother of Durefishan in 4 episode serial Jurm.