If two actors reenact a scene of Nikkah in a drama – their marriage will commence in reality Say Ulma

Strong Opinion Of Ulemas About Nikah Scenes In Pakistani Dramas

Ulema E Karam are scholars of Islamic law and doctrine who have received formal education. In Islam, they are regarded as the keepers, purveyors, and interpreters of sacred knowledge. They use their extensive knowledge to solve issues in accordance with the Quran and Sunnah. The vast majority of Muslims in Pakistan look to Ulema E Karam for life guidance.

Islamic scholars have recently gained attention on social media and television due to their active engagement in programmes during the holy month of Ramadan. A scholarly video clip has gone popular on Facebook and Instagram, whereby the scholar asserts that the Nikah that is being solemnised in the drama scene is a genuine Nikah. Consequently, the dramatists ought to take the appropriate precautions to prevent this kind of catastrophe.

Fans are also debating on it, some are saying that no Nikah can be solemnized without the real details of the two people while others are saying that accepting it in front of the public should be avoided and the shooting should be done in the parts to avoid any complication. Read the comments: