Influncer Maryam Nasim Converts Her Fiancé To Islam

Influncer Maryam Nasim Converts Her Fiancé To Islam

This is what Maryam Nasim share in her instagram post

I am sharing with you all a beautiful occasion that has touched our lives deeply. last month, fate gracefully led my love to the path of Islam.

Initially, I had envisioned my father, to officiate this sacred transition. However, he suggested (my dad) I should be the one doing it. I must admit, the weight of this request filled me with both excitement and apprehension, knowing that I still have much to learn and improve upon in my own spiritual journey. Upon sharing this news with my close friends, they expressed to join me and Cain on this remarkable path.

With our hearts full of love and anticipation, we organized an intimate gathering at my place. Surrounded by our closest friends, we assembled to warmly welcome Cain to Islam, a momentous occasion deserving of celebration and support. Although initially hesitant to share this personal milestone on social media, I recognized the significance of including our beloved Instagram family in our joyous testimonial.

In closing, I humbly request your prayers for myself, Cain, and our journey towards enlightenment. May Allah, in His boundless mercy, continue to guide us along the path of righteousness and grant us steadfastness in our pursuit of spiritual growth.

With love and gratitude,
Maryam & Cain