Iqrar Ul Hassan’s son Pehlaaj’s intriguing interview with his stepmother Aroosa Khan

Iqrar Ul Hassan is a well-known Pakistani television host and journalist. He is recognized for his work on various news channels and programs in Pakistan. Iqrar Ul Hassan has gained popularity for his investigative journalism and hosting skills in the media industry.

Syed Pehlaaj Hassan, a popular and talented Pakistani celebrity child, is beloved by millions of fans. Pehlaaj Hassan is the son of well-known Pakistani news anchors Iqrar Ul Hassan and Qurat Ul Ain Iqrar. He gained a significant fan following after his appearances in Ary Digital’s popular live transmissions. Pehlaaj, a football enthusiast, aspires to pursue a professional career in the sport to represent Pakistan in the future.

Recently, Syed Pehlaaj Hassan made an appearance on a podcast with Aroosa Khan. A clip from the podcast was shared by Aroosa Khan, where Pehlaaj discussed his father’s profession, fame, and success, as well as expressed his affection for his mother.

Discussing his father’s profession, Pehlaaj mentioned, “I was inspired by my father’s career in my childhood, and at that time, I aspired to be like him. However, I currently do not have plans to become an anchor.” Addressing the fake news surrounding his father, he stated, “I do not pay attention to the false news about my father as I am accustomed to hearing such reports. I always believe that he will return safely, as these occurrences have been common since my childhood.” When asked about whom he loves the most, Pehlaaj shared, “I love my mother more than my father due to the time I have spent with her. Although I now have my own space, I still spend the majority of my time with my mother.” Reflecting on his father’s success, Pehlaaj remarked, “Initially, it was overwhelming for me, but now I have grown accustomed to it, and it has become a normal part of my life.”