Kaisa Mera Naseeb Tale Of A Suppressed Girl In Desi Households

Kaisa Mera Naseeb Tale Of A Suppressed Girl In Desi Households

The new drama serial on Mun Television Network is called “Kesa Mera Naseeb.” The play explores a compelling narrative that touches on issues of family dynamics, adversity, and destiny uncertainty.

Aneela played by Namrah Shahid, an innocent girl whose life takes many unexpected twists and challenges her in ways she never expected, is the protagonist of the show . Actress Namra Shahid, who has been in numerous well-known Pakistani dramas, including the well-known drama series Shahrukh Ki Saliyaan , Aye Musht E Khaak ,Dil Zaar Zaar , does a fantastic job portraying the character of Aneela.


First 2 episodes have already created an impacts on minds of viewers.’Kaisa Mera Naseeb’ is a story of a girl belongs   to lowyer middle class family. After her mother’s death, Anila  is tormented by her venomous stepmother and stepsister. Anila’s real mother died on the spot when she was born and that’s how everyone call her ” Manhoos”.

Anila lives with her step mother who is her Khala as well and father. Her Khala turn step mother always try to humiliate Anila, calls her unlucky and considers her wretched. The mother and step sister both hate Anila. Amna develops feeling of jealousy with poor Anila and assume whatever bad things happened in their house are due to presence of Anila.

In initial episode guests arrive to see Anila’s step sister Amna for proposal of their son Handsome hunk Hamza. Eventually Hamza saw Anila ,like her in first glimpse and fall in love with her. Clear his stance on family that will marry only Anila.

Finally some goodluck coming to Anila’s way but nature approves something else for her. On Barat day Anila was all set to marry Hamza but a phone call disturb the whole family which reveal that Hamza met an horrible accident. The wedding got cancelled and Anila’s family started the blame game once again they call her ”Manhoos”.

After accident Hamza loose his walking ability and got paralyzed and disappointed but still there is hope in his mind that still there is a chance of marrying Anila. Hamza ask his mother to convince Anila’s family  for marriage .

Hamza’s mother send a message to Anila’s mother they still want  their son to marry Anila and Anila accept the proposal as Anila said that this accident might happened after marriage so it was her destiny.

This is what they show in first episode and you have to wait for next episodes to check what happened in life of Anila.



The gripping and intriguing drama “Kesa Mera Naseeb” has the capacity to keep your interest. Make sure to check in to Mun TV every Friday and Saturday at 9:00 pm to see Aneela’s amazing life adventure. Komal Entertainment Productions is in charge of producing the drama. The author of it is Khursheed Pirzada. The director of the play is Faisal Omer Turk. Mun TV’s Kesa Mera Naseeb is scheduled to premiere on Friday and Saturday at 9:00 p.m. Yasir Alam  has acted in many serial including  Zindagi Aik Paheli and he is model turn actor , Tanweer Sadiq veteran actor playing Anila’s father, Esha Hussain is famous tik tok star and participant of game show on Bol Entertainment is playing Amna the cunning step sister of Anila, Namra Shahid  dont need any introduction is playing main lead Anila, and Hira Sheikh  are among the drama’s cast members.