Legendary Comedian Rauf Lala Reveal His Struggle Story

Legendary Comedian Rauf Lala Reveal His Struggle Story

Rauf Lala reveal that he use to sell Bananas at fruit market , one day he cried due to challenges and his friend told him that now you will become actor. Recently Rauf Lala sahab appear in Tamasha reality show. Lala is doing stage since 1977. Lala share that during old days he got 150 rupees for one drama but soon after getting recondition he demands 3000 and that how his journey began. Lala reveal he was so young when he started jobs to earn. He use to be fruit vendor and he dont get time for love or such things.

Comedy is a form of entertainment that aims to amuse and provoke laughter. It encompasses a wide range of styles, including stand-up comedy, sitcoms, sketches, improv, satire, slapstick, and more. Comedy often involves clever or humorous observations on everyday life, societal issues, or absurd situations.

Here are some popular forms of comedy:

Stand-up Comedy: A comedian performs in front of a live audience, delivering a series of jokes, anecdotes, or stories.

Sitcoms: Situational comedies are television shows with recurring characters in humorous situations. Examples include “Friends,” “The Office,” and “Parks and Recreation.”

Sketch Comedy: Comedic scenes or vignettes performed by a group of actors, such as “Saturday Night Live” or “Monty Python’s Flying Circus.”

Satire: Humor that uses irony, ridicule, or exaggeration to criticize or comment on social and political issues. Shows like “The Daily Show” or “Last Week Tonight with John Oliver” employ this style.

Slapstick: Physical comedy involving exaggerated, boisterous actions, often without much dialogue. Think of Charlie Chaplin or the Three Stooges.

Comedy is a versatile art form that can serve various purposes: to entertain, to challenge societal norms, to provide relief from stress, or to communicate serious ideas in a more digestible manner. Different comedians have their unique styles and ways of making people laugh, from one-liners and wordplay to storytelling, and even using silence or absurdity for comedic effect.