Lost Actresses/actors Who Got Disappear Lets Find Out Where They Are Now



Lost Actresses/actors Who Got Disappear Lets Find Out Where They Are Now




Once-Famous Actor And Actresses Who Faded Away Into Oblivion After Ruling So Many Hearts

When someone makes an entry in Showbiz, all they wish for is a remarkable drama or film and a steady career after that. Many showbiz celebrities did get a well-deserved break where they did prove their caliber but what followed afterwards, is still a mystery!
While some actresses tied the knot to live a happily married life, others just went MIA for a long time. From Shehnaz Khuwaja, who debuted in Shoib Mansoor’s Alpha Bravo Charlie to Ashir Azeem who debuted along with actors like Syed Nabeel, entering showbiz world with powerful scripts surely didn’t guarantee them a ‘Happily ever after showbiz Career’!
Here are few showbiz stars who managed to turn heads at the box-office with their brilliant performances but they never returned to tv dramas or films!


Nida kazmi

Zebunisa fame nida is daughter of rahat kazmi she is now in America with her two kids and husband.She was famous for her performances in Hawa ki beti and Zebunisa. Now her brother Ali Kazmi comes back to Pakistan and working Pakistani films.



Maheen ishaq (of ansoo fame…though she is a dentist now and runs the ‘Aim’ dental surgery in USA but only did one drama)



Sawera Sheikh

Sawera sheikh (was in drama neend, aaghosh…heard she is rehan sheikhs sister dont know if its true) but dont know where is she today.