Meet Hina Rizvi Versatile Pakistani Actress

Meet Hina Rizvi Versatile Pakistani Actress

Tayyab Rizvi and Mehtab Bano’s youngest daughter is Hinna Rizvi. She was born in the 1970s, making her younger than Sangeeta, Raza, and Kavita, who are her older siblings. Hinna Rizvi has also played supporting parts in dramas on television and in movies. She continues to perform on stage and screen, frequently appearing in dramas. Hinna last appeared in a supporting role in the 2015 movie Halla Gulla.

for first time hina reveal why she was not part of film industry

Hina Rizvi is a brilliant Pakistani actress. She is known for her roles in dramas Tishnagi Dil Ki, Umeed, Hari Hari Churiyaan, Neeli Zinda Hai and Quddusi Sahab Ki Bewah. She’s appearing in Green Entertainment’s drama serial College Gate. Fans are loving her acting in it. She is Sangeeta’s real sister. Her amazing character of Aghu Jan in Fairy Tale is being loved by fans. Here are he amazing pictures.

Hina Rizvi has been working in the industry for many years but many people still did not know much about her personal life as well as her family. So, Hina’s family is all in the industry and they are super huge names of the Pakistan’s film industry.

Hina is the youngest sister of veteran film actress and director Sangeeta Jee whose original name is Parveen Rizvi. Her second sister Kavita whose original name is Nasreen Rizvi was also a film actress and people always admired her beauty when she was doing films. She left showbiz later on, got married and moved out of Pakistan.

Hina is the youngest of the three and though Sangeeta wanted her to star in films, their parents were not so keen on it so she started working in dramas and is still successfully working.