Nisho Jee The Courageous Lady Reveal So Much About Past

Sahiba recently reunited with her father after a 42-year absence, and she documented the event on video, showcasing an incredibly touching moment. Rambo persuaded Sahiba to meet her father Inam Rabbani, telling that he was trying to get in touch with her. Since the meeting, Nisho Jee has also received a lot of inquiries, which she has now answered by talking extensively about her marriage to Inam Rabbani and the horrors she endured at his hands.

She revealed that she was in love with Inam when she was a teenager in a YouTube video. They used to correspond via letters, but Inam left the country when his family did not approve of their union. Even though her mother discouraged her from entering the entertainment industry, Nisho persisted in following her dreams and rose to fame in the interim. After Inam returned, they tied the knot. His family emotionally tormented her, and he abandoned her when she became pregnant.

It was also disclosed by her that she did not prevent Sahiba from meeting her father. When she was five years old, she let him visit her, and she hasn’t stopped her from seeing him since. But after 42 years, Inam never made contact with his daughter.

After their divorce, Nisho disclosed that Inam had remarried, left the previous wife, pilfered all of her belongings, and abducted her children. She feels appreciative that she brought Sahiba along so Inam was unable to take her: