Pakistani Celebrities Belongs To Religious Family Background


Ghana Ali is popular model and actress. Not many know that Ghana is Hafiz Quran and belongs to religious family. As you can see his father having long beard which is sunnah.


Sidra Niazi

according to sources Sidra Niazi belongs to family of religious people. She is niece of very influencial Moulana sahab but he not in this world now . Sources claims that Sidra is also related to another Religious personality who use to do debated shows on tv. we cannot reveal much about Sidra because she never speaks up on her family or maritial status but we can say she comes from religious background.

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Javeria Saud

belongs to the Siddiqi family with his roots in the Nanauta town of Uttar Pradesh, India and which has played a role in Islamic scholarship: His great-great-grandfather Muhammad Qasim Nanautawi was one of the co-founders of the influential Deobandi movement, his great-grandfather Hafiz Muhammad Ahmad was a scholar. Speaking about his religious upbringing, Saud stated, “My father, Maulana Zahir Qasmi, was the first Pakistani Qari to recite for radio Pakistan. He performed the nation’s first-ever Quranic recitation of Surah Fatah on Radio Pakistan, and it was announced, ‘This is Radio Pakistan, Lahore.’ At that time, all the notable Qaris, including Qari Abdul Samad, used to visit our place and we used to hold recitation sessions at our home. My uncle, Qari Shakir Qasmi, was a highly renowned Qari who hosted an Iqra show on PTV and was the first Pakistani Qari to travel to the UN and recite there. Zuhra Norahi was the first Pakistani Qaria who came first, and Allaho (the well-known Hamd) was gifted to my father in Saudi Arabia and then my uncle Waheed Zafar Qasmi recited it and it went popular, Qari Waheed Zafar Qasmi is currently reciting Naats in live Ramazan show.


Laiba was a guest on Rabia Anum’s Ramadan transmission and shared how surreal the experience was for her. She revealed that when she started her Hifz ul Quran at the age of 8 or 9, she has since wanted to perform Umrah. Her paternal grandfather was the first person in her family who went to Makkah for Hajj and and at that time she decided that she will perform Umrah as well.


Tuba Anwar is popular host and actress. She belongs to Syed family. She appear in many dramas since her debut. She started as volunteer girl on sets of Ramzan show of Bol tv.