Pakistani Celebrity Parents Who Are Not Pakistani

Pakistani Celebrity Parents Who Are Not Pakistani


Sonya Jehan is Grand Daughter of Legend Singer Noor Jehan. Sonya Jehan Mother is Florence from England and her Husband Vivek is Indian.

Marina Khan (born 26 December 1962) is a Pakistani television and film actress, director and a … Her father was a Pakistani, an ethnic Pashtun and her mother were of English descent but settled in Pakistan.


every time i though why Mahnoor looks different from other Pakistani actresses but i got to know that her mother is foreigner. Mahnoor is about 46 years old but she looks like 26 years old girl even some times she looks equal to 18 years old Manal and Aiman.

Osman Khalid is a son of television actor, director and screenwriter Dr. Khalid Said Butt. Khalid is from Lahore but he along with his entire family settled in Islamabad. His mother belonged to France . Osman Khalid is the youngest of 3 children. He has a brother Omar Khalid and sister Michelle Tania Butt.

Sarah Khan and Noor Khan’s Mother Passed Away! The mother of talented sisters Sarah Khan and Noor Khan is no more. The young actresses shared the news on their Instagrams. According to Sarah’s Insta, her mother was not well and passed away due to her illness.Her mother belongs to Lebanon.

Syra family is of Pukhtun background, her father is Pakistani and her mother is of Afghan background, however they are settled in Karachi. Syra is one of the 4 sisters. Her other two sisters are also media personalities; Alisbha Yousuf and Palwasha Yousuf.



Mikaal’s full birth name is Mian Muhammad Mikaal Patras Aziz Zulfiqar. His father is a retired Pakistani diplomat and his mother is British. His parents separated when Zulfiqar was 17 years old.


Tipu Sharif’s mother was Turkish and he was also born in Turkey. His father is Pakistani by origin. His mother passed away . He is currently settled in Karachi.