Reham Khan First Time Talks About Her Personal Life Stuff

Reham Khan Fist Time Talks About Her Personal Life Stuff

She recently appeared on Hafiz Ahmed’s podcast, where she responded to criticism directed at her marriage to a younger kid. Speaking about it, she remarked, “People think that because I married a younger guy, I married a younger person, but they don’t know that I was married to a man who was 16 years older than me before. I later wed a man who was 22 years my senior. Why then do they not condemn men who wed younger women? Furthermore, men are never labelled despite receiving several divorces and being married multiple times, but as a woman, being divorced becomes a stigma.

why she got married to Bilal

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Mirza Bilal Baig who ise 36 years old resides in USA. Mirza is IBA graduate. He started his career as comedian, he was part of BNN show which was very famous comedy show of that era. Mirza was married and father of child too. Now Mirza and Reham announce about their Nikkah ceremony held in USA. Mirza is very brilliant comedian as well, these days his comedy skits are viral evreywhere. Mirza has acted in few drama and telefilms as well. In 2018 he appear in Geo tv drama along with actors like Syra Yousuf and Haroon Rashid.