Saas Nahi Raas Getting Popular Among Masses

Saas Nahi Raas Getting Popular Among Masses

This sitcom follows the life of Sharfu, a character whose world revolves around the household where he once worked. His journey takes an unexpected turn when he falls in love with the daughter of the house owner, leading to their marriage and his permanent residence in the same home. However, the once harmonious relationship between the mother-in-law and son-in-law begins to unravel, setting the stage for a series of episodes that explore the dynamic interplay of conflicts and humorous situations among these three central characters.

Nisho Jees Come Back To Drama Industry

Bilquis Khanum, also known as Nisho is a Pakistani film actress. Bilquis Begum was born on 1954 in Gujrat, Punjab, Pakistan. She completed her studies from University of Punjab. Nisho jee recently made her acting debut with sitcom Saas Nahi Raas and her acting skills are exceptional. People fall in love with her expressions.

Rambo’s Perfection In Comedy

Afzal Khan, better known as Jan Rambo, is a Pakistani actor, comedian, director, producer and host. He rose to fame by playing a janitor nicknamed Jan Rambo in PTV’s famous comedy show Guest House. He later assumed Jan Rambo as his screen name after the Sylvester Stallone character John Rambo. After so long Rambo spotted in a show loved by everyone. Rambo is mostly popular for his comic timing even he started his career with comedy show and soon become household name of industry.





Sahiba Afzal Versatile Actress

Sahiba Afzal is a Pakistani actress and producer. She is the daughter of Nisho and Tasleem Fazli. She has appeared in several movies in Pakitan, including Hero, Hathi Meray Sathi, Munda Bigra Jaey, Chor Machaye Shor, Lur Da Sheitan, Yawa Gunah Bala Sahi, Ham To Chalay Susral and Munafiq.