Sahiba shared her feelings after meeting her father for the first time

“Rambo Sahiba” refers to Rambo, a Pakistani film actor, and his wife, Sahiba. Rambo, whose real name is Afzal Khan, is a prominent figure in the Pakistani film industry known for his action-packed roles. Sahiba, whose real name is Sahiba Afzal, is also an actress who has worked in Pakistani films. The couple is often referred to affectionately as “Rambo Sahiba” in the media and among fans.

The feeling of meeting one’s father for the first time can be a mixture of emotions, including excitement, nervousness, curiosity, and perhaps even some apprehension. It’s a deeply personal and significant moment that can vary greatly depending on the individual’s circumstances and relationship with their father. Some may feel overwhelmed with joy and a sense of completeness, while others may experience a range of complex emotions as they navigate this newfound connection. Overall, it’s a profound and memorable experience that can leave a lasting impact on one’s life. Sahiba Rambo share her feeling after first meeting with her father, she said that she was crying on video call for minutes and her father ask her to record each and every moment and tell people who is Sahiba’s real father.