Sajid Hassan Share His Bond With Cousin Brother Actor Rahat Kazmi

Syed Sajid Hassan is a well-established figure in the Pakistani entertainment industry, known for his diverse talents. Here’s a breakdown of his impressive career:

A Multifaceted Artist (1958-Present)

Born in Karachi, Pakistan in 1958, Sajid Hassan’s artistic journey encompasses acting, screenwriting, directing, TV hosting, and film production.

Television Legacy

He rose to fame for his iconic portrayal of Dr. Irfan in the classic PTV drama “Dhoop Kinare.” This role established him as a talented comedic actor.

Beyond Comedy

Sajid Hassan’s repertoire extends far beyond comedic roles. He has showcased his versatility in numerous dramas, films, and even stage plays.

Award Recognition

His dedication to his craft has been acknowledged by the industry. In 2021, he received the prestigious Pride of Performance award, a testament to his lasting contribution to Pakistani entertainment.

Personal Life

Sajid Hassan belongs to a Shia family. He is married to Shakila Chapra, a fitness trainer and yoga instructor, and they have three sons.

Recent News

In 2023, Sajid Hassan joined the Istehkam-e-Pakistan Party (IPP), advocating for a politics of unity within the country.

Looking Ahead

Sajid Hassan remains a prominent figure in Pakistani entertainment. With his vast experience and unwavering dedication, he’s sure to continue entertaining and inspiring audiences for years to come.

Sajid Hassan Share His Bond With Cousin Brother Actor Rahat Kazmi

Discussing his connection with Rahat Kazmi, he mentioned, “Rahat Kazmi suggested that we venture into theatre, and I used to handle marketing for him. He is also my cousin, so we have a familial bond. We shared a strong friendship, and despite being younger, he initiated his theatre journey later than me. I acknowledge that he played a significant role in introducing me to acting. I collaborated extensively with Sahira Kazmi, who paved the way for me in acting. I worked on Khaleej with her, and subsequently, she offered me a role in Dhoop Kinare.”