Sanam Jung In Houston Texas USA

Sanam Jung In Houston Texas USA


This is what Sanam Jung posted about fun day in Huston

This week, our choice for exploration led us to @shot_of_art in Houston, inspired by Alaya’s love for art.

Our artistic journey began the moment we stepped inside gearing up in protective attire to safeguard our outfits. We then carefully selected vibrant paints, and eagerly entered the art room.

While there were various packages available we opted for FLUID ART to unleash the mesmerizing beauty of flowing colors. Our personal guide, the talented Vivian, navigated us through the entire process.
The highlight was witnessing the magical blend of colors forming a breathtaking master piece on the canvas ,ready to grace our homes.
We immersed ourselves in the artistic ambiance, utilizing leftover paints to freely express creativity on walls, floors, and even the ceiling.

The entire experience spanned over 1 hour 20 minutes and every moment was truly worth the visit!