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Sanam Saeed’s Boldest Confession About Her Life Changing Decision

Sanam Saeed’s Boldest Confession About Her Life Changing Decision


Sanam Saeed has qualities to become youth icon as she is superb. Her way of talking and carrying herself is amazing. It seems like she is born star. Recently Sanam recorded a program with Samina Pirzada, In that interview she disclose so many things about her self.

Sanam’s mother belongs to Memon community and her Father was Punjab based man who was born in London, England.  Sanam’s parents ‘s marriage was love marriage. Sanam is eldest daughter of her parents.  Sanam confess that she was a responsible child and she was not so much close to her mother , there should  be respect between both mother and daughter. Her mother was so supportive and she always said her that once your time will come. Last year her Mother died while battling cancer.

Sanam revealed that when she was 15 year old she fall in love with someone but it does not goes well so she moved on in her life. At age of 30 in 2015,  She got married  to  childhood friend, Farhan Hasan who is a banker from Karachi. Sanam Reveal that her marriage ended just after 2 years , however it was love marriage.

According to her she loves freedom and when she got married , she get a feel that people want to bound her. Soon she realize that she cannot obey other and cannot live according to others. It was not her nature to follow others and to kill desire of heart.  It was most difficult time of her life as her mother was  battling with cancer on bed and on other hand her marriage was on risk ,  She had no choice except to get divorce.

She confess that her husband deserve more attention and care ,  Sanam is a person who cannot heart someone , who cannot speak lie. This is the first time i saw someone on national television accept that it was her fault behind her failed marriage .

for more details you can check her interview.