Sarah Khan And Falak In London UK

Sarah Khan is a talented Pakistani television actress with a substantial Instagram following of 11.8 million. Known for her exceptional acting skills, Sarah Khan has delivered memorable performances in various dramas, including Sabaat, Lapata, Hum Tum, Mumkin, Raqs E Bismil, and more. A few years back, Sarah Khan tied the knot with singer Falak Shabir, known for his popular songs and dynamic stage performances. The couple is adored by fans for their chemistry. Recently, Sarah Khan received praise for her role in the hit drama Namak Haram on HUM TV and Abdullahpur Ka Devdas on Zee5.

Sarah Khan and Falak Shabir recently enjoyed a trip to London, exploring its beautiful locations. Sarah Khan shared lovely pictures with her daughter Alyana from a flower shop in London during rainy weather. Today, Falak Shabir posted a stunning Instagram reel featuring his new song “Deewani” with his wife Sarah. Here are some captivating pictures from their trip: