Saudi Beauty And Fashion Trends

Saudi Beauty And Fashion Trends


Paris, New York, and Milan may be the first cities that come to mind when you think about fashion and beauty. However, Saudi Arabia is a more recent entrant to the fashion and beauty world. Fashion designers such as Hatem Alakeel and makeup artists like Yara Alnamlah are creating looks that are both distinctively Saudi and able to “hold their own in the world of high fashion” by fusing current and traditional traditions.

The Current Biggest Trends in Saudi Fashion
“Gen Z is no longer enamoured with luxury labels like Gucci and Balenciaga. According to Alakeel, they frequently choose local fusion. He continues by saying that although companies like Adidas and Yeezy are “alive and well” with today’s youth, art-inspired apparel is also in style. In light of this, he claims that, for instance, it’s normal to come across a T-shirt bearing a catchphrase created by a regional mixed-media artist in Arabia.

Although they still love the traditional, well-known brands, the elder Saudi age now prefers a more “high-low” look, such as matching a high-end handbag with an inexpensive dress. Alakeel claims that Saudi fashion has also been driven by mindful consumption. “The pieces that you’ll get a lot of are the current trends.”

Saudi Arabian traditional attire with a twist

According to Alakeel, “attachment to your culture does not imply primitiveness.” It indicates that you have a solid idea of who you are. Appropriately, Alakeel’s brand, Toby by Hatem Alakeel, consists mostly of thobes and a carefully chosen assortment of men’s ready-to-wear shirts. Alakeel, who has always had a thing for clothes, studied marketing and communications in college before landing a position in a bank’s marketing division, where he had to wear a thobe every day. At that point, he decided to “introduce a little Savile Row into tradition.”

Therefore, he made his own, more customised thobe, depending on neighbourhood tailors. “People started asking me where I got it at the bank.” In Saudi Arabia, he established his first physical store by 2007. He received an invitation to present his range at Dubai Fashion Week by 2008. Since then, Alakeel’s looks have been worn by notable figures in the fashion and music industries, such as Christian Louboutin and Snoop Dogg. However, he claims that “any Arab or Muslim who wants something traditional with a bit of flair” is his more usual customer.

Typical Saudi Beauty Trends and Products
Although it is not mandatory for non-Saudi women to wear an abaya, it is generally worn by women in Arabia (though modest clothing is still advised for guests). “There are still, of course, women who cover their faces for religious or traditional reasons,” adds Alakeel. He points out that even while society is always evolving, it’s still critical to honour the ideals of past generations. We wouldn’t have our strong ideals if it weren’t for them.