Sheharyar Zaidi Family Tree

Sheharyar Zaidi Family Tree

Sheharyar Zaidi is indeed a renowned actor in Pakistan, known for his remarkable contributions to the entertainment industry. His sisters, Yasmeen Wasti and Arjumand Shaheen, added to the family’s legacy through their roles as news anchors for Pakistan Television Corporation (PTV) during the 1980s.

Syed Shahnawaz Zaidi, Sheharyar Zaidi’s brother, has also made a mark in the industry as a popular actor and educator, contributing to the family’s influence in the entertainment and academic spheres.

Nayyara Noor, the late legendary figure in Pakistani music, was Sheharyar Zaidi’s wife. She was not only a graduate of the prestigious National College of Arts (NCA) but also a notable playback singer for Lollywood films. Nayyara Noor’s vocals became synonymous with the OSTs of famous PTV dramas during the 1980s, reflecting her immense talent and contribution to the music industry.

Dr. Sana Tariq, a former morning show host and Geo News anchor, is Sheharyar Zaidi’s daughter-in-law. She is married to Nade Ali Zaidi, Sheharyar Zaidi’s son, thus further connecting the family to the media landscape in Pakistan.

Mandana Zaidi, a former actress known for her role in the popular 1990s sitcom “Shashlik,” is also part of the Zaidi family. She is Sheharyar Zaidi’s niece. Mandana’s marriage to singer Ali Noor adds another dimension to the family’s connections within the entertainment industry.

Jaffar Zaidi is the son of Shehryar Zaidi, a Pakistani television actor, and singer Nayyara Noor.He married to actress Yamina Peerzada in 2017. Yamina Peerzada is niece of Samina Peerzada and daughter in law of Nayyara Noor and Sheharyar Zaidi