Showbiz Celebrity Couple Who Parted Their Ways

Showbiz Celebrity Couple Who Parted Their Ways

Sohail Sameer And Sophia Ahmad


Sohail Sameer is famous television actor who was married to model and actress Sophia Ahmad but unfortunately their wedding ended on divorce note. Couple had a son, after their divorce son is living with her mother. Sohail and Sophia belongs to Lahore, at the moment Sohail is busy in Karachi and Sophia is living with son in Lahore. We dont know the reason behind their divorce. But it was a shock for me when i herd about their separation.


Mikaal and Sara

According to Sources Mikaal’s wife was interested in showbiz industry.Mikaal was not in favor of her Working in showbiz an interview Mikaal said that i forbid my wife from wearing bold dress and she reply that you never say any thing to your sisters but putting restriction on me. But he admits that he still loves his better half.

Sara has done few serials after divorce  but  she failed  to make impact on screen.She is already a make up artist & designer.Sara has done master in Psychology from LUMS. Recently Mikaal became a producer and there many dramas under production.


Nazli Nasar and Hassan Soomro

Nazli Hassan was married for 16 years to Hassan Soomro. She has two children Zohaib and Zoya. At first when news of her divorce came in the news they shunned the media and people. But no one could have guessed that their marriage would end so soon after these rumors. The couple divorced in 2014. Unlike any other celebrity, this divorce was a very personal affair.


Shahid and Babra Sharif

It was a pleasant surprise for the lollywood fans to see the hottest couple of their time, getting into marriage. It was said to be one of the most amazing couple, but sadly they got divorced right next year of their wedding. Shahid scored the count of four when it comes to marriages whereas Babra Sharif decided to stay single.




Jamal Shah and Faryal Gohar

Without any doubt, Jamal Shah and Faryal Gohar were the best-looking couple of Pakistani celebrities of all time. But this fairy tale couple had to spare their ways. It was very sad news for their fans.

Adnan Sami and Zeba Bakhtiyar

The marriage of Adnan Sami and Zeba Bakhtiyar came out as a huge surprise. The Sargam couple was considered a cute couple, but it ended up sadly. They have a Son Azaan Sami.

Shamoon Abbasi and Humaima Malik

Shamoon Abbasi and Humaima Malik seemed like a nice couple, they complemented each other quite well. Humaima who is now a film star now, left Shamoon for good. Shamoon got married again, this time with a girl who doesn’t belong to showbiz. It is to note that he was married to renown TV actress and hist, Javeria Abbasi for quite some time. They have a daughter together.


Javed Sheikh and Salma Agha

Javed Sheikh and Salma Agha had, said to be, a long affair before both once married already, tied the knot. Both the celebrities were at the peak of their careers when they decided to get together. It was quite unfortunate that they got divorced soon. Salma Agha married again but Javed Shaikh, even after having quite a few relationships, remains single.


Farah Hussain and Iqbal Hussain

While doing the drama serial Bandhan, she met Iqbal hussain and later on in 2003 they got married. They have 2 children as well. In 2011, they announced the couple was getting a divorce. It caused a lot of controversy in the industry because they had been married for so long and suddenly decided to separate. In 2015 she appeared on a morning show and was asked about divorce.

According to Farah, after the divorce life has been difficult. She said that, people still loves her after such a big disaster happened. Replying to the question of why she got divorced, she refused to discuss because it is her personal life and whatever she has faced she did not want to discuss it in public because it left a negative impact on her children.


Sanam Baloch and Abdullah

According to our sources Sanam Baloch and Abdullah Farhat parted their ways . Sanam filed for divorce 7 months ago . After getting divorce Sanam ‘s drama Chupke Se come to hit the screen but failed to impress audience . Now Sanam is single . Sanam’s ex husband Abdullah belongs to Dera Ismail Khan small city in KPK. Abdullah is host and actor but he is not successful as compare to Sanam .

Sanam Baloch first time discuss about her married life while giving interview to Samina Pirzada , she said that abdullah was very good friend and nice human being , according to them their friendship was enough to get married.Sanam Baloch was crying while telling that she is alone .