Vivian Dsena Embrace Islam

Indian television actor, Vivian Dsena, who last year confirmed embracing Islam back in 2019, shared why the holy month of Ramadan is close to his heart and he observes fast for the entire month.

In a recent conversation with an Indian media outlet, TV heartthrob Vivian Dsena, best known for playing the lead role in the vampire series ‘Pyaar Kii Ye Ek Kahaani’, disclosed that it is the sixth year that he has been observing fasts for the whole month of Ramadan.

“I have embraced Islam in Ramadan, this fact itself makes Ramadan very close to my heart,” shared the actor.

“This year marks my sixth Ramadan and by God’s grace, I have been fasting every year. Fasting the entire month of Ramadan is mandatory for us as it’s one of the main five pillars of Islam, so I do observe the 30 days of course unless there is an excuse that permits me to break the fast, such as an illness,” he explained.

Dsena continued, “I can’t deny I was very worried at the beginning about keeping the fast, especially because water & coffee are necessities for me; even my family and friends keep wondering how I am managing to stay without water or caffeine for 13 or 14 hours. God has been kind so far, my fasting journey has been decently smooth.”

The celebrity also mentioned that he tries to spend the month in Bahrain with his family and likes all the Iftar delicacies, prepared by his wife at home, however, named Middle-Eastern desserts Basbousa and Kunafa as his top picks.

Notably, Vivian Dsena had also confirmed his marriage to Nouran Aly along with the news of him accepting Islam. The actor has a year-old daughter.