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Radical Change In Looks Of Yasra Rizvi Versatile Actress

Radical Change In Looks Of Yasra Rizvi Versatile Actress




Nowadays, the celebrities in Pakistan are more weight conscious than they ever were before. That is the reason why we keep on seeing these radical changes in the weight and the appearance of the celebrities. It would be safe to say that when these celebrities lose weight, their style game completely changes. Yasra Rizvi too is seen wearing more trendy outfits now that she has lost so much weight. Here is another before and after picture.

Yasra Rizvi was always a confident person and a great actor. Now more than ever we see her sporting looks which she wouldn’t have experimented with if she was still overweight. Yasra Rizvi has not shared her weight loss journey yet but we are pretty sure that losing so much weight would have taken a great deal of effort.

Yasra Rizvi never made an effort to look too stylish or glamorous on screen but she is an actor who always looks like the role she is playing. Yasra was recently seen playing the lead in drama serial Ustani Jee and that is when people noticed the weight loss. There were some people who asked the actress to give them tips so that they could lose weight too and then there were others who thought that she had lost excessive weight which did not look good.

Yasra Rizvi’s weight loss and style transformation shows how much difference losing weight can make. She has now joined the league of all those actresses who were once overweight but are very skinny now.