How Pakistan Celebrities Make Money Other Than Acting And Singing

How Pakistan Celebrities Make Money Other Than Acting And Singing

We all are so curious to know that how these famous people become so rich overnight. We see celebrities uploads their lavish lifestyle on tech giants like Instagram , Facebook and YouTube. If you really think that they make money just because of their talent so you are wrong. Acting , singing and hosting are just features of their profession but there are so many other ways famous people generate money. Having luxurious lifestyle , paying high bills, staying in 5 star hotels is not possible with just playing characters in movies or dramas.

Sponsorship And Endorsements

When an actor ,actress crickets or a person who has capacity to become famous got in lime light and grab the attention of PR agencies and talent hunt agencies. These agencies offer them agreements , according to those agreements these celebs were bound to give their a share of their earnings to the concern agency and in return these agencies do some PR work for them so they get offered to do projects like ads , modeling projects and other things.



In today’s world we observe that many high level celebs are attending wedding parties , but very few know that these famous people get paid to be at certain wedding event. As we know people like show and splurge so they invite trending actor , actress or singer and cricketers to be there as their appearance can make the wedding viral. They are invited by morning shows and talks shows for that they also get paid. These days interviews are not free so when they disclose their personal matters on television its because they charge hefty amount for that. They got invitations from small and big business ventures to inaugurate their outlets including beauty parlor, spa salons , clubs , clothing shops and others.



Every business need a house hold name to grab attention so there big businessman who offer them for partnership , like they will invest but brand name will be a celebrity so celebs get a share .


Beauty And Perfumes

Nadia Hussain , Dr Shaista Lodhi , Maaz Safdar these are names which comes to mind who have invested in beauty and perfume business. They launch their beauty and perfume brands make a lots of profit.


Restaurant And Food Business
Many celebs have opened their restaurant and food businesses. Like tik toker Ali Butt runs his own restaurant in Lahore , recently Maaz Safdar opened a resort with restaurant in swat. Nouman Masood owns a restaurant in Islamabad.

Traveling And Tours

You all must be thinking that how these famous people manage to visit luxurious countries like Dubai , Maldives , Turkey and others so in reality their traveling tours are sponsored by travelling agencies to promote their businesses. Famous and most followed people on social media do their promotions on platforms like Facebook , Youtube and Instagram.

Following On Social Media

These days following on social media is like key of success in this industry. If you have immense following on Instagram so you will get big projects including lead role in dramas and movies. These days each and every celebrity runs his own YouTube and channel. So they earn by uploading life style videos on YouTube. In recent times Facebook has also launched its publishing program so actors and actresses and motivational speakers earn money through Facebook as well. In age of social media a new profession emerge called influencer. Beauty influencers , sports gurus and people from other profession are now influencers.

Political And Current Affairs

These days we observe many actors and actresses posts about current situation of country but actually they get paid to share these posts. They are paid to show their support for certain political party, i dont want to name but our stars are paid to talk in favor of political personalities.

Royalties and Residuals
When their work is rebroadcast or sold through channels like DVDs, streaming services, or syndication, celebrities who have been in films or television shows get paid royalties or residuals.

Book Deals: Many celebrities write autobiographies, memoirs, or books on specific subjects. They earn money through book deals and royalties from the sales of their books. Like Reham Khan , Waseem Akram and Shaoib Akhtar published book.