Actress Fazila Qazi stated that senior actors in the industry were no less than Pharaohs

Actress Fazila Qazi stated that senior actors in the industry were no less than Pharaohs

Fazila Qazi, who has been in the industry for 30 years, quickly captivated the audience upon her screen debut. She has been involved in significant projects and her beauty and talent have always been appreciated by viewers. Despite her successful career, Fazila is a family-oriented individual who has consistently placed her marriage and sons above all else. Recently, Fazila Qazi appeared as a guest on Maliha Rehman’s show, where she candidly shared her thoughts and feelings.

She is known for being straightforward and outspoken, unafraid to speak her mind regardless of the repercussions. She has consistently criticized nepotism and industry cliques, highlighting how deserving actors are often overlooked for certain roles. Additionally, she has addressed the insecurities that actors face within the industry.

Fazila mentioned that competition and insecurities have long been prevalent in the industry. In the past, senior actors often suppressed juniors, behaving like Pharaohs. While the dynamics have shifted somewhat, she has witnessed it all. Fazila discussed instances where individuals would bribe writers with gifts to secure better dialogues or have someone else’s role reduced. She also touched upon how some actresses might feel envious of your appearance and attempt to undermine you by taking away the makeup artist or engaging in similar actions.

She shared that she always knew how to handle this and ignoring them is always the best policy. Here is what she said:

Fazila Qazi talks about how she took a break from her careers for several years at a time when she was a popular main lead in TV dramas and channels were opening up and there was a chance of more work opportunities.

“… It just got too difficult … my sons were too young and I felt that they needed me more …” she says.