Check Out Connection Of Celebrities With Bureaucracy

Check Out Connection Of Celebrities With Bureaucrats


Let me introduce Reema Khan’s younger sister Sania Zohaib gorgeous and beautiful lady who is become talk of the town these days. 36 year old Sania Zohaib has passed her CSS exam  in 2004 . She is serving in income tax department. Due to her extreme beauty she is gaining everyone’s attention . Check out her few pictures.


* Hamza Ali Abbasi

Hamza is former bureaucrat but he resign. His family has connection with Shah Mehmood Qureshi too.

Hamza’s statement about CSS

Yes it is true that I have worked as a civil service officer. I have done CSS and I was doing job in Police group. I resigned from my job just because for my passion. This was the only reason that my mother has not been talking to me properly since the day I left my job from Police group.


*Iffat Omar


Iffat Omar’s husband is a CSS officer . He is in grade -19 and working in Bs-20.She changed her sir name from Iffat Raheem to Iffat Omar.Her husband’s elders were reluctant to have their son married to a model but the guy persisted that it’s only her who he wanna get married to.