Child Stars Of Past Who Become Young Guns Now

Child Stars Of Past Who Become Young Guns Now




Who was Muqaddas from Haqeeqat tv drama ?

After the breakup with Sangeeta, in 1980’s Humayun Qureshi married again within his family. From this marriage he has a daughter Muqqaddas (مقدس). Muqqadas worked as a child star in the horror drama Haqeeqat aired in the late 1990’s.


Zoraiz Nizamani



cast of Ainak wala jin then and now


faisal qureshi played childactor in khuwaja and sons


Zuhab Khan


Kunwar Nafees and his sister have played child stars in Anch ptv’s symbolic drama



Ashir Wajahat from Karachi se Lahore



This is pari from Bandhan and her real name is Minha Tariq


this boy has played sania saed’s son in Khamosiya back in 2008 and he is son of Asif raza mir


Hareem from Humsafar , her real name is  Sara Kashif Rajput



There are so many child stars left like meher sagar who played young saefee in bol by shoib mansoor, child star from many old ptv dramas  , whom i cant find now.