Remember Shaheed Gen Sarfraz Who Embraced To Shahadat Last Year In Quetta, His Son Captain Ahmad Sarfraz Got Married To Eman Son

Captain Ahmad Sarfraz son of Lt General Sarfaraz Ali (Shaheed) ties the knot with beautiful Eiman – They certainly look drop-dead gorgeous together!

Lt General Sarfaraz Ali (Shaheed) and his team lost their lives serving the Nation in Quetta Helicopter Incident. We wish his son, Captain Ahmad Sarfraz & Eiman the very best of luck, and may he serve this Nation as his father did.

Lieutenant General Sarfraz worked day in and day out for implementing a comprehensive and effective counter-terrorism strategy in Balochistan. The life of Lieutenant General Sarfraz is truly inspiring, always leading from the front, having a people-centric approach, and promoting long-lasting peace initiatives. It was also in the line of duty, to provide relief to the flood-affected areas, where he embraced Shahadat.