Content Creator And Instagramer Got Engaged

Content Creator And Instagramer Got Engaged

Hira Attique, also known as Hira Bleeh, is Pakistan’s first award-winning social media star. She is a popular person on social media, a model, and a blogger. She started a beauty and fashion blog with her sister, Hemayl Attique, called HerandHem. Along with being an influencer, she has also worked as a stylist, publicist, and digital marketer for various brands.

She received the title and award of Pakistan’s first influencer at the Connected Pakistan event. The Connected Pakistan Conference has been empowering Pakistan’s future through technology since 2015.

Five years ago, Hemayal and Hira Attique, sisters from Islamabad, started blogging as a result of their passion. Back then, people in Pakistan did not consider blogging and being an influencer as proper careers.

Yet, undeterred by the norms, these enterprising Attique sisters boldly forged ahead. Their determination led them to find new opportunities, changing the blogging scene in the country.

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Starting with their blog, HerandHem, a fusion of their names, these two sisters embarked on a tireless journey to curate content. Their passion spanned various domains like fashion, lifestyle, beauty, and makeup reviews, all shared with their audience.

As they nurtured their blog, they also built a joint Instagram platform to engage more closely with their followers. Losing their Instagram account with 50K followers was a significant and impactful moment for them.

It motivated them to be creative and create their own influencer profiles. This allows them to continue making an impact on social media. Her Instagram content has helped her gain over 1 million followers.

Pisa Awards 2020 Winner
Hira and Hemayl received nominations for “Influencer of the Year” in the Pisa Awards 2020. Hira Attique won the Influencer of the Year title, beating other nominees like Waliya Najib, Shahveer Jafry, and Junejo. Her hard work and determination made everyone proud of her.

Recently she got engaged