Famous Pakistanis Who Are Lawyers In Real life

This is a new era of educated people who are trying their luck in media. Many degree holders are now interested to show their talent to world. Many Doctors, Engineers, Lawyers , Civil Service Officers are active in media and acting field. In Pakistani showbiz we witness many faces who are not just skilled actors but qualified and degree holders as well. Many of our actors have completed their educated from foreign universities. Just like Mawra Hocane, Durrefishan Saleem and Uzair Jaswal who have Law degrees from London’s prestigious university.
these are few big names who are Law graduates and also going well in dramas.
1 actor comedian Faiza Saleem
2 Nouman Ejaz actor, host
3 Mawra Hocane
4 Uzair Jaswal
5 Maryam Noor Sheikh
6 Qaisar Khan Nizamani
7 Shaista Abbasi , sister of Meera and actress