Farah Iqrar Talks About Iqrarulhassan’s Marriage to Anchor Aroosa Khan

Farah Iqrar Talks About Iqrarulhassan’s Marriage to Anchor Aroosa Khan

Iqrar Ul Hassan is a well-known Pakistani television host, journalist, and anchorperson. He is recognized for his work on various news channels and programs, where he has covered a wide range of social and political issues. Iqrar Ul Hassan is also known for his philanthropic efforts and advocacy for social causes.

Farah Iqrar is a well-known and accomplished Pakistani television host and former news anchor. With experience in various reputable news and entertainment channels, she has established herself as a prominent figure in the industry. Currently residing in Lahore, Farah Iqrar manages a successful YouTube channel where she shares daily vlogs with her audience.

Recently, Farah Iqrar made an appearance on the “Think Digital Podcast” on YouTube, where she discussed her relationship with Qurat Ul Ain Iqrar. Additionally, Farah Iqrar shared her thoughts on Iqrar Ul Hassan’s third marriage with Aroosa Khan during the podcast.

Discussing her relationship with Iqrar Ul Hassan’s first wife, Qurat Ul Ain Iqrar, Farah Iqrar mentioned, “We share a very good relationship. Obviously, I knew about Iqrar Ul Hassan’s first marriage and Pehlaj. It all happened with mutual consent.” She also expressed that she is not aware of Qurat Ul Ain’s reaction to her marriage with Iqrar Ul Hassan, stating, “Only Qurat Ul Ain can speak about her emotions. We used to meet with love and respect. Although we haven’t met in a while, we are on good terms.” Regarding living separately from Qurat Ul Ain Iqrar, she remarked, “It is okay to live separately as it helps avoid many conflicts and complexities, allowing everyone to lead their own lifestyle.” Here is the link to the video: [insert link]

Regarding Iqrar Ul Hassan’s third marriage, Farah Iqrar stated, “I was initially unaware of his third marriage when asked about it. Now that Iqrar has shared information about it, we have another member in our family. The challenge of managing three families falls on Iqrar Ul Hassan, not us. My perspective on men practicing polygamy has evolved, not because I am the second wife, but after studying the Quran with translation. I have embraced a different outlook and harbor no negative feelings or sorrow regarding his decision for a third marriage. Contrary to some assumptions, I am not unhappy.” Farah emphasized that her relationship with Iqrar Ul Hassan remains unchanged, with him dedicating the same amount of time to her. Here is the link to the video: [insert link]

Discussing Iqrar Ul Hassan’s professional demeanor, Farah Iqrar mentioned, “Working under Iqrar Ul Hassan is challenging as he is a strict boss and a perfectionist, leading to frequent professional disagreements. Therefore, I would rather focus on creating content for my own channel.” Here is the link to the video: [insert link]

Addressing social media criticism, Farah Iqrar stated, “People often comment that I appear very sad, linking it to Iqrar Ul Hassan’s third marriage. However, I want to clarify that I am genuinely happy and content in my life. I have attained a profound sense of satisfaction in my life, thanks to the blessings of Allah.”