For what reason is Google purging dormant email accounts?

For what reason is Google purging dormant email accounts?

Google stated that the action, which was disclosed in a May blog post, is intended to shield consumers against con artists.

Because they “frequently rely on old or reused passwords that may have been compromised, haven’t had two-factor authentication set up, and receive fewer security checks by the user,” Google said forgotten or unattended accounts are more likely to be compromised.
According to Google’s own data, the likelihood that two-step verification is enabled for abandoned accounts is at least ten times lower than that of active accounts. According to the business, this can increase the likelihood that they will be compromised and used for everything from identity theft to harmful content like spam.

The regulation does not apply to email accounts used by corporations or educational institutions; it only covers personal accounts.

When will inactive accounts on Google begin to be deleted?
Google announced in May that it would remove dormant accounts gradually.

◍ Starting in December, accounts will be deleted.

◍ Initially, Google will begin to remove accounts that were made but were never used.

Google promised to notify the account email address and recovery email, if applicable, several times in the months preceding the account closure before deleting it.

How can I continue to use my Gmail account?
According to Google, you should log into your account at least once every two years. Accounts and services that have been accessed recently are deemed active and will not be removed. Included in the activity are the following:

◍ Checking or replying to emails.

How to use Google Drive.

◍ Taking in a video on YouTube.

◍ Getting an application from the Google Play Store.

◍ Searching Google.

◍ Signing in to a third-party app or service using Google Sign in.

Account activity also includes setting up a subscription through a Google account, such as Google One or a news app or newspaper.

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Additionally, Google stated that as of right now, it has no plans to remove accounts that contain YouTube content.

Additionally, Google offers solutions for data backup and proposes sending out a recovery email in addition to offering some free account management tools. Users can choose what happens to their account and data when it is inactive for eighteen months by using Google’s Inactive Account Manager. Among the options are cancelling the account, setting up a Gmail auto responder, and transferring particular files to trusted accounts.

You will lose access to your Google account and any associated goods as soon as it is removed. Additionally, you are unable to create a new account with the same email.