Guests were captivated by the Qawwali night at ASP Shehrbano’s pre-wedding function

ASP Shehrbano Naqvi’s pre-wedding festivities have been ongoing for the past few days. On Tuesday night, a Qawwali performance by artist Zeeshan Ali mesmerized the audience with his melodious voice. Actress Dur-e-Fishan was also seen attending the star-studded event. ASP Shehrbano’s husband is Syed Ishtiaq Naqvi, who hails from the Mandi Bahauddin family and is associated with the Shah Group of Companies. He is also the owner of the Royal Swiss Hotel Lahore. Additionally, her in-laws own a petrol pump and are engaged in construction businesses. The Baraat is expected to arrive from Mandi Bahauddin, the groom’s hometown.

ASP Shehrbano Naqvi’s nikkah ceremony took place a few months ago, and the photos gained considerable attention, particularly after her sudden rise to fame following the Ichra mob incident.

The celebrations preceding the wedding are in full swing, with the main event scheduled for April 28th, Sunday, at the Royal Swiss Hotel Lahore. It’s anticipated to be a lavish affair, attended by dignitaries, celebrities, and well-wishers alike.

Shehrbano Naqvi, presently serving as Assistant Superintendent of Police in Lahore, gained widespread recognition for her brave act of rescuing a woman from a mob attack in the Ichhra area of the Punjab capital.

Her courageous intervention played a crucial role in diffusing the volatile situation and ensuring the woman’s safety amid the turmoil. Syeda Shehrbano Naqvi has been nominated for the prestigious Quaid-e-Azam Police Medal, the highest honor bestowed for bravery in law enforcement in Pakistan.