Things You Need To Know About Actress Tuba Anwar

Things You Need To Know About Actress Tuba Anwar


talking about wedding Tuba reveal that it was someone else who disclose her wedding and it was her decision when to open up about her marriage. She is very vocal person. On question about how she react to questions when people say that she got married just to enter in showbiz. So she replied” when all that started she was so young, she got very unfortunate response from people and i dont want to talk about. I have my personality of my own and now i can take my decision by myself.


She lives in Karachi with her family. Her father’s name is Muhammad Anwar, who is a businessman. while her mother is a housewife. According to research, she has only sisters but no brother and is the oldest of her four sisters. There are three sisters named Rafia Anwar, Maria Anwar, and Nadia Anwar.

As an actor, Sheyda Tuba Aamir began her career in the drama serial Bharaas in 2020. She displays excellent acting abilities in this serial and earned a huge fan following on social media. As a young actress, she amazed millions with her brilliant acting skills and her first role in the drama Bharaas. She appeared in the drama Bichoo in 2022 as a leading actress opposite Maria Malik and Subhan Awan.

How Tuba Anwar got her first break in dramas.She revealed that make up artist Akif Ilyas is her family friend who suggest her to start acting. Tuba join Geo back in 2014 as associate director then she become manager. She was behind the camera person who handles Geo’s transmission. She also serve as content writer. According to TUBA she was freelancer.

Tuba said in her interview that” she dont choose this field but this field chooses her.”