Humayun Saeed’s Heroic Looking Younger Brother Amir Saeed Celebrates Birthday Friends And Family

Humayun Saeed’s Heroic Looking Younger Brother Amir Saeed Celebrates Birthday Friends And Family

Meet All Four Handsome Brothers Of The Legend Dashing Humayun Saeed

Humayun Saeed the man behind revival of Pakistani drama and now Lollywood is blessed with talented family members. His wife Samina is producer of various films and dramas. Humayun ‘s brothers are also part of showbiz as Salman Saeed youngest brother is coming in dramas. Adnan Saeed is also actor but most of the time he get negative roles in dramas.

Some unknown facts about Humayun Saeed Family

Humayun Saeed was just 16 years old when started to earn as he use to teach kids. Soon he get job at factory and due to his hard work he gets able to run 3 factories at a time. He was just 20 year old. At that time Humayun has to survive for his family as his younger brother Babar Saeed had an accident in late 80s. Babar fell from terrace while playing cricket with brothers. It was 1989 hen he fell from third floor of building. Because other brothers were young Humayun has to take responsibility of family. According to Humayun , He was earning about 25000 in late 80’s. He was quite fine financially at that time. Humayun’s boss was brother in law of Freiha Altaf , He offered him to play extra in a drama and Humayun accepted the offer and thats how his showbiz journey started. Humayun produced his first ever play as lead actor. He is producer since 1995. He produced single play first. His first heroine was Uzma Tahir.

Babar Saeed

Babar Saeed is brother of Humayun Saeed but he is not actor. Babar is running their family business.

Amir Saeed


Amir Saeed is another brother of Humayun Saeed who is settle in USA. Amir is not actor but he appear in morning shows and has given interviews as well.

Amir Saeed is on right side.


Adnan Saeed


Adnan is almost 7 years younger than Humayun Saeed and he is also professional actor. Adnan has acted in many dramas.

Salman Saeed


Salman Saeed is youngest brother of Humayun Saeed. Salman is really talented. He own good looks , he is muscular and talented too, But he is still struggling in dramas is just because he needs guidance, he needs a good director who can change his faith in showbiz. Unfortunately directors are not offering him good characters so he can justify his talent but this my prediction that one day Salman will shine like sensation. Salman is almost 12 years younger than Humayun.


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