Cast Of Ptv Drama Nijaat What They Are Up To Now

Cast Of Ptv Drama Nijaat Check Out What They Are Up To Now

Sajjad Hassan Played Kashi In Nijaat
according to sources he died in USA.

Tariq Trimzi who played Molvi In Nijaat

Kumsoom who played Huzoor Bakhsh sister in Nijaat is real life sister of actor Maani but now she has left acting.

Latif Kapadia
Latif who was important part of Nijaat died few years back and his grand son Hassan Ahmed is now active in showbiz.

Durdana Butt
Durdana Butt Also died few years back.

Salma Zafar
Salma who played match maker in Nijaat is still active in dramas and showz.

Huma Nawaz
After Nijaat Huma also left Pakistan but recently she comes back to Pakistan from USA and again started acting in dramas like she was last seen in Hum Kaha Ke Sache The.

Atiqa Audho

Atiqa dont need any introduction , she is very much active and doing her social welfare work as well.

Sajid Hassan
Sajid played Assistant commissioner is now living peaceful life as he is hosting a show for youtube channel.

Marina Khan
Marina is busy in her acting and direction projects.

Immad Hassan
Immad who played Tarri in Nijaat , unfortunately we dont have any info of Immad.

Malik Anokha
He died back in 2008. He played role of hotel owner.