Maya Khan Life Facts

Maya Khan Life Facts

These are few life facts about Mayi Ri fame actress Maya Khan.Maya Khan is playing mother of Aina Asif in drama serial Mayi Ri on ARY Digital. This drama is message based show for masses who believe in getting married at very young age when children are not able to support themselves. People praising Maya Khan for her acting skills in the show. These are few facts about life of Maya Khan.

Maya Khan started her career as child star back in 80’s along with people like Nazia Hassan, Adnan Sami Khan and others.

Maya Khan is daughter of Ambassador and government servant during Bhutto’s Era.

Maya Khan is millennium star , as in year 2000 she started her career in field of acting. Her first play as lead actress was Laila Mujnoo which was great success. People loved her pair with Ahmed Jahanzeb in laila Mujnoo.

Maya Khan soon started her career as host on Sama Tv. She was quite popular host of television and interviewed many prestigious people on her show.

She got married as well but unfortunately her marriage ended soon. Maya Khan got married back 2011. At that time she was on peak of her career. After separation Maya once again got married but due to some unknown reason the marriage ended and she comes back to Pakistan.

Maya Khan is strong woman and a fighter as well. She was diagnosed with disease of thyroid but she flighted like a warrior.